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A Holistic Approach to Business, Web Design & SEO

My holistic way of approaching business makes for a transparent and comfortable working experience that brings about some of the most satisfying, tangible results.

While my work is based on the foundation of web design, SEO and digital marketing, the scope of how I can help is virtually limitless. Over time, I’ve discovered that more often than not, my clients have an amazing offering but they need more than a website to bring it all together. That is part of what the name means. Everyone and everything is multifaceted. There is not a one-size-fits-all fix for most things in life.

Each business, client and project is different. A collection of different pieces must come together to form a complete result. Our flexible services and an understanding that it takes multiple solutions to fulfill your needs are the pieces of my mosaic. The different aspects that make your company unique are the pieces of your own mosaic.

 – Chad Lewine

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A Business is More Than a Website.

A business is not just a website or a logo – or even a great product. You may have the greatest product or service, but if operations are not properly formed, the business may be missing out on its full potential.

We can help and consult on all aspects of planning, developing, launching, marketing and operating a business – whether that is a solo operation servicing local clients, a small team of employees working virtually, or a larger company with multiple locations and branches.

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Client Reviews

I was looking for a company/person to help me build an interactive website for my business. A website that would allow my clients to purchase subscriptions and such. After interviewing several other companies, I became disappointed in other companies lack of effort for a potential customer. Chad , was very informative and knew exactly what I needed and was able to build my website to exactly how I wanted . Not only that, the website continues to grow with newer ideas thanks to Chad and his knowledge of what his customers needs and wants are. Chad is very professional, talented and skilled. He does not try to sell you on products or services that you don’t need. He keeps everything on point.

Kimberly Dolan, K.I.M. Keep It Moving

We had an amazing experience working with Chad at Multi Mosaic. We initially hired Chad to design a new website for our psychotherapy practice but ended up also working with him on a new brand- logo, copy and photography. He is a great communicator and always made sure we got what we wanted. He’ll go above and beyond to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. We started getting leads the day after we launched the new website. We are thrilled with the final product and will continue to work with him on the website and our other marketing initiatives. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dr. Julia Samton, The Midtown Practice

I’ve worked with Chad for the last four months. He updated and rebuilt my website, and expanded my social media presence a thousand fold. He took me from having no presence on Google to owning the first page of search results and a Google Knowledge Panel. He’s great to work with and had many creative ideas. I highly recommend working with him.

Lloyd Landesman, Musician

Highly recommended! We needed Chad to build a website that could allow customers to sign in for classes in sessions, pay by installment, read blogs etc… and he delivered! He went above and beyond and got our start- up on the first pages of search engines thanks to his great work with SEO. He made research to find the perfect payment portal, put my social media pages together , worked relentlessly to get our start up going. He is a great consultant and really helped when we were in doubt.

Magda Lahliti, Learn French Brooklyn

Ever since we started using Chad, our site has grown organically. Business has increased, we are very satisfied with his services. Highly recommend to anyone looking for any kind of web work or seo optimization. He knows what he is doing!


No Limits

No question, idea, or organization is too big or small. Send us a message about anything. We can explore the best options to move your plans forward.

We all have gifts we are meant to share with the world. How can I can help share yours?

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 About My Rate & Fees

I employ a sliding scale for my fees. Flat rate consulting and website project fees are case by case, so please inquire if you might think we are a good fit.

My hourly rate ranges from $50/hr – $200/hr based on the size, revenue and/or other determining traits of a company or organization.

For hourly projects, I bill in blocks of 5 hours, from which I can pull down time in as little as 10 minutes. This allows for more accurate tracking of time worked and tasks completed, giving everyone a little more peace of mind. There is a 5% discount for buying 10 hours or more at a time.

Plus, your purchased work time never expire, so your money won’t be wasted if you only need a few hours here and there.